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Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere was the First President and father of the Nation, Tanzania. He was an intellectual, scholar, and a Mwalimu (teacher). He articulated his beliefs and principles. He eloquently shared them in a clear and simple way that

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In short, Pedagogy of the Oppressed is education as a practice of freedom, which Freire contrasts with education as a practice of domination (see below). ... Both educator and educand (Freire's word for “student,” designed to convey an equitable

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The history of education is a contested field of study, and has represented a site of struggle for the past century of its development. It is highly relevant to an understanding of broader issues in history, education and society, and yet has often b

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This book simplifies the complex topics of the subject to the understanding of the target learners. It uses real life situation examples to build the concept of the subject matter such that the learners grasp the real sense of the material. This appr

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Single words for phrases and sentences
Figurative Expressions and their Explanations
100 Choice Quotations for Special Occasions
Small Words for Big Ones
Comparisons and Similes
Abbreviations in Common Use
Prefixes in Common Use

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